Baza modular sofa

Baza modular sofa

Studio Segers designed a modular system that makes possible endless combinations but with a parts list so short that it is extremely easy and fun to create your own outdoor settings.

The Baza sofa is made of a combination of powder coated stainless steel and very comfortable soft cushions that are upholstered with a quality outdoor fabric and filled with a quick-dry foam so that the sofa can be left outdoors in all weather conditions. It consists of two rectangular elements and a pouf that together with three backrests, allows for a numerous combinations. Thanks to this variability one is able to create a sofa which can be easily adapted to suit any situation and optimizes any space in which it is placed.


Studio Segers


Corner backrest 80x80x46 cm
Left long corner 160x80x46 cm
Right long corner 160x80x46 cm
Seating frame 160x80x46 cm
Seating frame 240x80x46 cm
Seating frame 80x80x46 cm
Table (integrated) 40x80 cm
Table (integrated) 80x80 cm

frame options

table top options

Fabric options