Dongo modular sofa

Dongo modular sofa


Dongo modular sofa is a cosy, comfortable sofa, designed by Studio Segers to provide endless possibilities for customization, making it perfect for outdoor spaces of all sizes and shapes. It is build out of a series of modules, each designed to fit together seamlessly. The individual suspended frames can be easily detached and re-arranged, making it easy to switch up the look of your outdoor living space.

The sofa is made of high-quality weatherproof materials. With its sleek stainless steel frame and comfortable upholstered cushions, it offers the perfect combination of comfort, design and durability. The sofa comes with a range of additional tables which can be integrated and make Dongo a versatile solution for anyone looking for a beautiful and functional outdoor space.


Studio Segers


1-seater frame 89x89x18 cm
2-seater frame 179x89x18 cm
3-seater frame 267x89x18 cm
Corner element 91x91x47 cm
Middle element 91x91x47 cm
Pouf element 91x91x22 cm

frame options

Fabric options