Designblok 2020

October 7-11 | Superstudio B.003

We have decided to approach the presentation of Todus at Designblok 2020 in accordance with this year's topic - Passion. Studio Segers prepared for us a concept that symbolizes Passion for the beauty of raw materials that we carefully select, for the precise manufacturing but also Passion for design and the final result, that brings delight to its owners and enlivens every outdoor living space with its elegance and timelessness.

The exposition of Todus consists of a round stage divided into two halves by panels and mirrors. The first part of the exposition showcases selected products in their raw form, half-finished. In the second part there are the same, finished products in white colour. This monochromatic look derives from clay renders used by architects for project modeling. This approach enables the visitor to look at the products without distractions and to see the purity of shapes and forms. The visitors passing by the installation have the opportunity, thanks to a meticulous positioning of individual products and their reflection in the mirrors, of seeing the products in two different forms - in the production stage and as the final product, interplaying with each other.